2016 Update: Yeah, It's Been a Long Time

It has been almost two and a half years. It looks like around NaNoWriMo 2013, I straight up abandoned this blog due to disinterest and lack of results. That's embarrassing, and that's not even looking at how many cringy things I said back then.

So to keep it simple...

A summary of what happened in the last two-and-a-half years:

  1. I'm now a high school senior about to graduate, and I'm deciding between Knox and Grinnell College.
  2. I did NaNoWriMo in 2013 and 2015. Junior year was kinda tough.
  3. I got deeper into music and mostly pursued my moderatorship at Genius. I wrote a few music articles along the way.
  4. I'm an Arts & Entertainment school newspaper editor! I'm working on my last issue right now, but it has been a good run laying out a two-page spread by myself and subjecting my work to my two fantastic editors-in-chief.
  5. I attended the Kenyon Review's Young Writers Workshop. That was fun.
  6. I'm not reading as many fiction-writing blogs than I used to. Sorry, YA Confidential squad.
  7. I swapped TV Tropes for Reddit. Sorry, fellow tropers.
  8. I no longer visit DeviantART. Sorry, Jocelyn.
  9. Even if Manifestation Files manages to reach the light of day, it's way different now.
  10. I utterly failed at my goal to publish a novel before the end of high school or my eighteenth birthday.
But I'm still writing.

So what now?

I don't know. I don't even know if I should keep this blog around or put it in private.

For now though, I'll keep The YA's Dogtown up for prosperity, and I might even put up a few ads to make pennies off the residual traffic. (My "Sweet Nothing" and "Royals" posts are both in the five-figure viewcount range.) 

Depending on my priorities, I might resume blogging. The question would be whether to do it here, since I already have years of SEO, or to start from scratch so I don't have a mixed-bag archive haunting me, such as that "Katniss Everdeen is a Mary Sue" article. I'm leaning toward the latter because I want to get rid of this URL (youngaspiringwriter) and the referral web it has left on many a blog post. It's an artifact that's only going to become more irrelevant as my artistic career grows.

I'll leave the comments on for now to speak with anyone who kept me on their feed, but I might disable them once later for moderation reasons.
For a long time, I found this blog's sudden end awkward, so if this happens to be the last post, at least it's closure. 

I had fun running this blog. Hope all of you are doing well with whether medium you're with now, and hopefully we'll cross paths again.

Keep writing,

-Chihuahua Zero

PS: I left an additional note addressed to my fellow Genius users on the annotated version. You can view it here.