I'm Going Operative Mode

J.K. Growlings in sunglasses.
Here's a hint.
Okay, it's time to make the announcement I promised on Friday.

I held off composing this post until last night just to make sure I didn't jump the gun, but since all the arrangements have been made, I say it's safe to let the cat out of the bag.

Did you see the giveaway I was promoting in a lot of my promoting outlets? There was a good reason behind it.


I'm going in.

I am now considered an YA Confidential operative!

For those who haven't heard of YA Confidential, it is a multi-author blog composed both of adult writer "operatives" and teen "spies and analysts", dedicated to YA literature, writing, reading, and teen life. However, my now-higher-ups decided to overhaul the blog structure and invite two teens--including moi--as a top operative.

C'est excitant, non?

But what about [REDACTED]?

Yeah, there was the time that I joined  as a sorta-member and did [DATA EXPUNGED], but this time, my membership won't fall through because:

  1. I've already been doing most of my duties for the blog for months.
  2. My new responsibilities won't interfere with school, writing, and blog stuff.

(And yes, I'm still working on Manifestation Files.)

The biggest operative responsibility I now have is writing about a teen trend or issue every other month. Not weekly, but every other month. And since I know what topic I already want to write about and how to do research, I should be in the clear. Because if I bail, everyone loses except the popcorn munchers.

So what now?

If you haven't already followed YA Confidential, I suggest that you follow now! Also, enter the giveaway! Both books and critiques are being given away. Odds are great, and stakes are low, because you don't have to compete with me.

Have a great day!

YOUR TURN: Whatever you like. Well, as long as it's relevant and within moral codes of conduct.

PS: Yesterday's post wasn't an April Fool's/le poisson d'avril post. I completely forgot to create a joke.

PSS: Expect me to slip in more French in the future. I'm going through a phrase.