Look Out For These Music Tracks Soon! [yMusic]

Since I have a post going up this week on YA Confidential, I thought that I should bring back the old yMusic feature to showcase a few songs I think you might be hearing more in the future.

To keep it simple, I'll just put up the YouTube videos for each one of these, along with my thoughts on how it will do.

Ready? Embed time!

Note: Lately, I've been obsessed with the Billboard Hot 100. Every time I refer to the Top 40 or #10 or something like that, I'll be using that as reference.

"Come and Get It" by Selena Gomez

Prediction: Top 40 hit, definitely. Top 10? Probably not.

"Alive" by Krewella

Prediction: It's already in the Top 40, but I think it will rise on the Pop charts. I think Krewella will have a future on Top 40 radio.

"Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

[second song in trailer]
Prediction: This is the lead single for The Great Gatsby soundtrack. I'm not sure if it will be an indie crossover, but the movie will give it some exposure.

"Spectrum (Say My Name) [Calvin Harris Remix] by Florence + the Machine

Prediction: This will be impacting American radio again in May. Considering how good Sweet Nothing did (#10), I feel like Florence's people will put some effort into publicity and get it onto Top 40 radio. 

Whatever this will influence Florence + the Machine's style is yet to be seen, but I'm okay with Pop Florence.

"I Need Your Love" by Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding

Prediction: Hmm...I'll be over idealistic  like with every other prediction, and say that this will be dipping into the dance chart. I'm just hoping that pop radio picks this up, so that Ellie Goulding, of "Lights" fame, won't end up being an one hit wonder.

"Can't Control the Kids" by Kerli

Prediction: This is the upcoming single for Kerli's Utopia EP. This will be hit the dance charts like "Zero Gravity" and "The Lucky Ones", but it won't crossover to pop radio. Oh, and the rest of Utopia will be released soon.

"Hurricane" by MS MR

Prediction: MS MR is an up-and-coming alt act. They won't be crossing over to the mainstream in a long time, but if you're an alt or indie pop fan, you'll be hearing about these two soon.

YOUR TURN: Do you like any of these songs or these artists and duos? Any other songs that you like?

On Another "Note"

I just bought Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars, because Mom wants to use some of his music to play for her classes while teaching teens. As I'm typing this, I'm not even finished listening to everything 

Wow. Fantastic music.

That said, I'm immediately presented with some issues in terms of Mom using his music. He has never been a kid-friendly artists, and some of his songs are fine, and I guess no one bats an eye to "Locked Out of Heaven" anymore...but I need to figure out what to do with some of these songs.

For example, "Gorilla" is right out. Even the clean version is too dirty. I won't be downloading that in her library.

"Show Me" has a suggestive bridge, but I'll run it across Mom.

Except for the very first line, which can be edited out, "Treasure" is fine. "Natalie" also has some mild cursing  on "Scream & Shout" level. For these two songs, I'll try out my editing skill and see if I can isolate the vocals from the instruments. This will be an interesting experience.

Then I'll hope and pray that no parent tries to read into these songs.

In any case, Bruno Mars has a new fan.

On yet another note, "Natalie" is an amazing song. Not only it's powerful, but there's the subtle social commentary. If a girl was singing about how Nathan ran away with her money and that she's digging up a ditch for the guy, few would bat an eye. ("Man Down" by Rihanna, anyone?) Yet, Bruno Mars takes on this very uneasy song. I applaud him for his guts.