Today's Post is Delayed Until Wednesday or So

Sorry, guys. I'm falling through with last Monday's promise.

You see, I'm still writing the blog post intended for today, but I find that I went in a completely different direction, straight into a minefield.

As in, I wrote myself into a sensitive topic. One wrongly worded sentence, and my whole intention becomes muddled and I accidentally offend someone.

I doubt many people are going to read it, but I'm going to edit the article further to make sure I didn't make a Critical Research Failure.

It's not about rape. I don't really have much to say on the topic right now besides what I said in the most recent YA Confidential chat.

It's about polyamory in YA, a topic I have recent interest but cursory knowledge in.

Email me if you want to help beta read the post. I'll have the article up by Wednesday or Thursday.

For now, enjoy this recent trailer for the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie. For bonus points, state all four artists in the background music without looking anything up.