Dogtown Weekly: Umm...John Green?

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Unfortunately, I have nothing much to say except that it's a month before summer break, I'm on my second John Green book in a row, and I barely got any writing done last night. But it's progress.

So on John Green...he's a great author. So far, none of his stories really blown me away, but he sure is a crafty storyteller who know how to write his teenagers in a sweet balance between "realistic" and "larger-than-life".

I'm exactly halfway through The Fault in Our Stars, even though I just started it today. I have high expectations for the other half, since everyone else holds it toward such a position. All I know is that it's going to end tragically. In what way, I don't know. SPOILERIFIC PREDICTION: I have a feeling that Augustus is going to relapse and die on Hazel. It's a little too easy for Hazel to die, but hey, it can happen. In any case, someone will die, since John Green seems to have a reputation of killing main characters, with what little work he has.

If you haven't already read my article on fallacies, I suggest that you check it out!

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Weekly Round-up: 4/26/12:

Creative Something: How to instantly and painlessly get a dozen or more ideas:

I shared this trick with my siblings. They haven't seen results yet, but we agreed that shopping carts need some improvements.

How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book: Seth Godin's FOMO--Fear of Missing Out: Jealousy and How It Affects the Creative Person:

This article is talking about two different concepts actually: how we envy other writers, and how our "lizard brain" works against our creativity. Evolution is against us, and we must fight through it.

Really, it's a little of a scary thought, knowing that no matter what in your career, it's never going to be completely easy, but we that sort of barrier.

Books & Such: The Writer's Lament:

It's good seeing this side of the story. Sometimes, a story just isn't feasible for an agent to pick up. But there alway's self-publishing. ;)

YA Confidential: Should I be this honest?: Reclaiming my first drafts:

When I presented this on TV Tropes, I got mixed reactions. Some thought that this would work with them, others disagreed.

What's discussed in this article is the practice of not disclosing details and not worrying about external pressures during the rough draft. It's a fascinating concept. While I know that some writers benefit from keeping the "door" cracked open, I see an aspiring author every once in awhile ask for help too much, making it awkward for everyone else and slowing their own pace.

So at least read this.

Other Notable Articles:

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PS: I was reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson earlier, if you're curious. David Levithan is another writer I need to check out more, beyond his Every Day.