Dogtown Weekly: 3/1/13

YAtopia: What is an "authentic" voice and how do you write it?:

Teenagers are different. There are definitely trends when it comes to "voice", but keep in mind that it's easily to fall into the stereotype of a teen's "authentic" voice.

Let's Get Digital: Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition:

It's scary how effective Amazon is. It's the Google of online bookstores. I've read too many articles on how Barnes and Noble's site pales in comparison to Amazon. I can see why.

It's interesting seeing how Amazon advances as it further dominates the market. Hopefully, it won't become too drunk on power.

Mystery Writing is Murder: The Butler Did It?:

Have you ever wondered about "the butler did it" cliche? Here's a look into this cliche, which haven't really been played seriously.

The Other Side of the Story: Why Character Arcs (and Growth) Make Readers Care:

For me, I found most interesting about this article the comparison of Undercover and Miss Congeniality, two similar story, with only one being notable. It's a nice vehicle to convey how character depth means a lot.

YAtopia: Breaking the law, breaking the law!:

Yes, YAtopia gets a second mention today. That's the nature of blogs in the weekly round-ups, the fact that they have periods where articles from them pop up often before dropping out. It depends on my enthusiasm.

But this is the top article in this particular round-up just because of the sheer comedy contained with this. I read this aloud to a friend before school. She cracked up twice. It's the audacity of this cliche storm that might not work among 700+ pages, but entertains with this particular excerpt.

Consider the cliches bought up within this. Think about why they don't work (seriously) here, and why they other writers get away with them again and again.


No personal updates this week. Let's say that I'm in between things, and I don't want to report on something that I end up abandoning the following week.