Dogtown Weekly: Simming Out

Weekly Round-up: 2/15/13

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: How To Sell Ebooks:

Considering this is the guy who have sold one million ebooks, you should read through what he has to say.

While a lot of it is the typical yet never-get-old kind of advice, one of the points emphasized is how powerful word-of-mouth is. Recommendations have been proven to be one of the major reasons why people buy books. Remember this.

AndiLit: The Lie We Perpetuate about Writing, Drugs, and Mental Illness:

In most cases, drugs can take the toll to the human mind. In the few cases that it might've helped, they might result in a more miserable life.

Although in the TV Tropes' thread where I keep my writing article links before I bring them up here, troper JHM (an often insightful reader and fellow writer) brought up a good point: many writers who took drugs, were depressed, or drink chronically, like Hemingway, fell into such habits because of their experiences. The drugs and mental illnesses were often a way of diluting the inspiration that  made such storytellers fantastic writers.

But I'm curious about what studies are out there on the relationship between drugs and art.

The Writer's Voice: New Adult Books: Do They Have to be Graphic?:

The answer to this is really obvious: no. Of course not. Only erotica or other genres where sex is a central element is sex required, and considering that New Adult is a demographic, the point is moot.

This article is also a reflection of New Adult's melding image. It's new. People are still forming their perceptions of the trends and conventions of NA, like Young Adult fiction, and it will take a few years until people find what make stories sell.

Whatever this osmosis is good or bad is for a heated discussion

(JHM's opinion is that this is a branding problem, and that writers should worry about their image after they write, instead of before. However, I can't comment on whatever he's right or wrong.)

Nathan Bransford: Can Bookish Be a Game Changer?:

Bookish is yet another bookworm-centered social media network that is trending. I'm bringing this up here because this site's fate is still up in the air. Whatever it rises to Goodread's level or it just flounders, we will see.

Jeff Goins: The Secret of Success: Stop Trying to Be Famous:

This is one of many, many articles on the entire "fame vs. success" debate.

I'm sort of torn by this debate.

I don't want to be a total celebrity flocked by paparazzi and gossip magazines. I also don't want to die poor, alone, and a total drunk. It doesn't really help much to be like van Gogh and not be able to stay around to enjoy being an acclaimed influence. I want to know my legacy in my lifetime, and possibly let that legacy be historic.

Which celebrities of today will be remembered a century from now? Who knows? Let's just wait to see what's down the road.

Writer's Update

Yeah, progress has still stalled, but only because I'm working on other stuff. For the most part, homework is cleared, violin and piano practice is doing better, and I think I'm doing well on my tests. Oh, and I'm going to slay the research paper for Social Studies.

This weekend, which is four days, I'll continue working on going to bed and rising early, and start being productive in the early morning. 

Now the question will The Sims 3 factor into this? 

I created the co-protagonists of Manifestation Files in-game and had them interact. I spent plenty of time messing with them, trying to translate how I imagine them in my mind onto the screen.

While Sim Finn is decent, Sim Bryan doesn't seem quite there. I find that The Sim 3's Create-a-Sim mode isn't quite flexible than its precessor. Also, I have no idea what his nose is like. Maybe I'll have to browse some half-Filipinos, find the model that's closest to what I imagine Bryan to be like, and use him.

Meanwhile though, I'm just having a little fun with the actual game play while wondering why there are so many vampire in-game.

YOUR TURN: Do you have a favorite video game? What is it?