Dogtown Weekly: Submitted...To the School Newspaper

Weekly Round-up: 2/8/13

Kristen Lamb: How Eminem Makes Me a Better Writer:

I haven't listened to a lot of his music, but Eminem is a very...interesting artist. I only listened to a few songs from him, but let me just plug a related article from Copyblogger.

Adventures in YA & Children's Literature: Stop Trying to Fit Yourself into the Publishing Box by Brittany Geragotelis:

Wattpad. It has been called the YouTube of writing.

I intended to go to a Twitter chat (I think #indiechat) about Wattpad, with an actual staff member answering questions, but I forgot about it until there were ten minutes left. I should read over the transcript.

I already have an account. The question is whatever I should use it. Unfortunately, my writing has been...sterile, but I won't be addressing this today.

TalkToYoUniverse: 1000 Posts at TalkToYoUniverse!:

Talk To You Universe is a blog that again and again appear on the round-ups, due to its useful worldbuilding information. So here's Juliette's own collection of links over the year. I bet at least one of you readers will get lost in a tangent.

Writer's Updates: Hey, It's Something

Thursday morning, in between the period when I arrived at school and 1st period, I typed up three poems and emailed them to one of my friends--who is a staff member of the yearly art newsletter, an off-shoot of the school newspaper.

The odds of at least one poem being published is extremely high, but hey, it's something. After laying it off, I took the time to use some of the leftovers from the poetry unit for something useful.

Learning how to submit is a useful skill. Be sure to take the baby steps.

Next baby step...write something again.