Dogtown Weekly: 1/18/13

What Happens Next: PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical

This is an older post, but it presents a mindblowing point: Woman had more impact on history than we think—because a lot of their work have been destroyed and they're often brushed over.

Adventures in YA & Children's Literature: This Week for Writers 1/5/13 - 1/11/13:

If you haven't already, you should look through this other round-up from last week. It's a revival of the blog series I based these weekly round-ups on. Already, I added at least one other blog onto my blogroll.

(And on a totally unrelated note, "Roundup" is a weed killer. One other reason why to use "round-up" instead.)

Annie Neugebauer: Why Some Novels Say “A Novel” on the Cover, and If Yours Should Too

A fun piece. Want another history listen? Dive in!

The Character Therapist: YA/New Adult "Good Girl Saves Bad Boy" Myth Problematic

I'm not a fan of the "bad boy" character, nor the concept of the protagonist female "saving" him. It's along the same vein than the Madonna Whore Complex.

While this article doesn't explore the concept from a strong, psychological concept, it's worth pointing out that other scenarios should have a try in YA.

Thinking about it...does Twilight go into this scenario?

Cross-Up: How to Make a Good 50-Foot Woman Movie

Thinking up hypothetical stories are fun! This particular exploration gets really detailed into the process, especially with the "order vs. chaos" theme.

Oasis for YA: Writer Wednesday: The Middle Book Syndrome:

I agree with both the premise of the post and many of the causes of the "middle book syndrome". Like the sagging middle, the second book in the trilogy can sometimes be done wrong.

Also, A Million Suns did avoid decay, in my opinion. I think it's because it manages to escalate while maintaining the same framework from the first book. Whatever that'll carry to Book Three, I'm not sure, but look where they sent the book!

Yeah, I think "The Tangent", as described in the article, is the prime reason why second books fail.

Jody Hedlund: Are We Turning Into A Culture of Picky Readers?:

All right, I'll confess. I've been suffering a bout of pickiness when it comes to ebooks. It doesn't help that by getting a book for free, it can influence my obligation to read it.

Maybe I'll jump into one at random to see what happens.