Top 10 Most Popular Posts on This Blog 2012 (Sorta)

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm glad we're all alive.

Thanks to something I stumbled on via Google+, I was able to compile a list via Google Analytics based on number of pageviews. Unfortunately, it isn't an entirely accurate list, since I only installed the code on my blog at the beginning of July, but it's a good reflection on what happened during the last six months of 2012.

Besides, the Blogger stats are broken.

Seriously. Don't rely on those. Use Google Analytics instead for the true numbers.

Drumroll please..

10) "Try" by Pink Review [yMusic]

As one of the more recent posts on this list, this did pretty well. See #3 and #1 for more details.

Still, yMusic has three out of ten of the posts on this list, so it's no doubt (not the band) that it's a worthy niche, but only in terms of traffic. Conversion is another story.

But it's also a nice lesson in SEO. I need to go into this more often.

9) Joe Bunting On "Let's Write a Short Story!" [Interview and Giveaway]

This is the first interview and giveaway on my blog, and both features helped boost this article.

To be honest, I wished the giveaway had some more exposure, but it showed me that getting people to sign up for a giveaway is harder than it looks. Even if it's free.

8) Want to Make Literary History?: London 2012 Olympics

This is more on the general side. I think this got plenty of views just from a combination of both links and searches, but I love the thoughts presented here.

7) Writer's Update: 8/1/12 (Ch-ch-changes! And Beta Reading!)

And this is the post where I announced the name change for this blog from "Thoughts of a Young Aspiring Author" to "The YA's Dogtown". Worth it, don't you think?

6) Forum Repost: The Hunger Game's Katniss...a Mary Sue?

This is the first post on this blog that got some sort of long-tail search engine ranking, yet I'm still debating what to do with this article. This is mostly a reposting of someone else's argument from TV Tropes, and as seen in the comments...yeah.

5) YA Mythology Giveaway: Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper

The second giveaway on this blog. This did better because I used a blog hop to direct traffic to it. If I recall correctly, it gave me a lot of new followers. Can't deny that bonus.

4) Jocelyn C. DiDomenick On "Rain" [Interview]

The second interview on this blog, except this did better because Jocelyn linked it from her Journal over at DeviantART!

I'm not sure if this helped her get any sales, but at the very least, it provided a neat bonus for her current followers...and myself.

3) yMusic: "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" by Pink

This is among the first of my pages to rank well for some long-tail keywords. (see #1 for the largest example). But...yMusic.

2) Shattering the Mirror Cliche

This is probably my favorite blog post from any of the other ones on my blog.

For me, this represents the direction I want to take The YA's Dogtown toward, with writing articles taking an atypical perspective or execution , instead of the usual posts that prevent most writing blogs from being viable.

This is #2 because I seized one short-tail search term (Google "mirror cliche"), and I got linked by a good-sized writing Tumblr blog.

Hopefully, I'll write more successful and useful articles in 2013.

Yet, this pales in comparison to #1...

1) "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch [yMusic]

I probably talked about this before, and I still have a lot to say about this page.

First of all, the stats. 3000 pageviews, 2600 of them unique. This beats out the 2nd most popular page by over half. Also, it ranks #1 for the long-tail keyword "sweet nothing video meaning", and does decently with a multitude of related keywords.

On the other hand, there's a near 100% bounce rate, with 1.17 pages per visit.


As I said in a guest post a long time ago: The crowd passed through, but didn't stay around.

This is a lesson for all of us lesser bloggers rocking the blogosphere: Traffic means almost nothing if it doesn't convert.

Oh, and let me show you this picture.

Top ten query clicks for The YA's Dogtown.

It's all music related...


yMusic is a mixed blessing. From what I see, if I want to put in the effort, I can wiggle myself into a niche of explaining the meanings of songs and music videos in great depth, and then monetizing that through ads and affiliate links to iTunes. With blood, sweat, and tears, I can become an expert, someone that a confused music fan can turn to when they have no idea what a pop song is about.

But that's not my intention.

My intention is to write.

So basically, I know how to rank for long-tail keywords, but I need to figure out how to get the content to hook. That will be my goal for 2013, as I find gaps in the search engine and the writing and reading niches.

My hope that in 2013, one of my posts will go viral, and that will transcend what SEO can give me. The mark of a successful blogger is how devoted are their fans. The question is getting them.

I'll leave the mic to you guys.