A Quick Word on Story Cartel

Logo of Story Cartel.
This post will be quick to the point. No padding, no redundant concluding sentences.

Right now, I'm reading a YA novel, Roxy by PJ Reece, for the price of reviewing it.

It's not a new concept. In fact, I first became familiar with reviewing ebooks for free with Grasping at Eternity. However, I didn't receive Roxy directly from the author.

Instead, I received it via a brand-new review website that I joined during the day, if not the hour, of its launch. That site is called Story Cartel.

What is Story Cartel?

Story Cartel was created by Jeff Goins and Joe Bunting, a duo that I have bought products from in the past. Its goal is to provide a system that gives over a hundred legitimate (not bought) reviews for a certain work of fiction or non-fiction. On Amazon, reviews equal higher search ranking and more notice from bots.

Considering the very first book, Dislocated, had hundreds of readers signed up to read it, I would say the chances of the system meeting its goal consistently is reasonable.

Oh, and besides the fact you get a book without paying any money, you also get entered into a raffle for gift cards and other prizes.

Boo ya.

I Want You To Join the Reviewing Army

I want you
to review books.
However, it'll only work interest continues to be maintained.

To admit, I actually missed the last deadline to review one of the few books already ran through the system. I'll review it soon, but it's a definitive sign that the system is only as good as the motivation of the people running it.

Story Cartel is an awesome concept, but after Dislocated, the number of reviews waned, and the overall star rating is lower. A low star rating is dangerous, and it can happen if regular reviewers get tired out.

So, I'm asking you to check it out.

Ideally, not everyone should be reviewing every round, but there should be enough that, in the end, over a hundred post a review. So, the more people, and the higher overall interest, the higher the chances of the goal being met every time and reviews reflecting its true quality.

Does that make sense?

Now, check out Story Cartel. Or else.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of the concept of Story Cartel? Is it interesting?

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