Dogtown Weekly: School Shenanigans

Weekly Round-up: 12/7/12

(Yes, I'm still messing with the format. Comment on your preference.)

Last-Minute Update!

Google+ have added communities, and I've created one: Young Adult Lit and Writing.

Even if you're not a friend of YA, I suggest checking it out. It was just formed last night, but I'll be happy to see any fellow writers on Google+ taking apart in organized discussion.

Writer's Update: The School Filter

Something bad happened in the school district.

I can't go into detail, because everything I heard about the incident is second-hand. Let's just say that it's newsworthy, if the teachers are right.

Regardless of nature, this led the tech department to crackdown on a few website and bulk up the school filter. The results?

Blogger got at school. Ditto with everything under the .blogspot subdomain, including this blog. There's also a good chance the .wordpress subdomain also got hit.

Congratulations, Elizabeth Spann CraigMartina Boone, YAtopia, and Camille Guire! Y'all are officially banned by an entire school district! How do you feel about that?

(Actually, "banned" might be too strong of a word, but hey, Tim Ferris used it to describe the B&N boycott.)

But yeah, that means that computer-related activities at school during study period and lunch has been decreased. I doubt this will ever happen, but if an emergency situation happens on my blog, I'll be unable to address it until I'm at home.

Still, is it fair to blanket-ban blogs?

It's an ethical situation. While there're some bad seeds out there, most are no more dangerous than the social networks (and ironically, the mobile version of Google+ is still unblocked--for now). In terms of school-related activities, that means that an entire group of sources for research have been deemed "worthy of blocking".

However, I don't have a good enough reason to appeal the block, and frankly, I don't give a darn care enough to try.

If you have a .blogspot domain, either relish the fact that you're "banned" by a school district...or get your own domain. Unlike underaged me. At least I have an excuse. Sort of.

(One more parenthetical note. If Roni Loren's blog is still unblocked, I'm going to have a laugh about it. I feel a little sorry for the tech department, since the student body has the power to send them into a game of whack-o-mole. But we're not interested in doing that.)

One More Thing

Maybe this will mean I might get more writing-related stuff done at school. Either that, or more focus on finals as they approach. I really want to keep that 4.0 GPA. It's shiny!

Blog Updates: Book Blasts

Book cover of For What It's Worth by Karey White.
If you like it...
I hope that you have already seen the book blast I'm participating in. It's something I'm putting my toes into, to see if they fit the blog, even if they don't exactly fit into the "YA" part of it.

Really, I can't deny the effects the book blast had on my Twitter account. As I'm writing this, I've gained over 81 followers! For some, that's mince-meat, but I didn't even gained that many followers in the last blog hop.

There will be a related guest post, and then a another book blast, next week. Don't forget to leave feedback.

YOUR TURN: Do you like these book blasts, or do you prefer something else?