For What It's Worth Blog Tour: How a Cake Inspired a Novel [Guest Post]

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Well, the event wasn't over then. As apart of the blog tour, I'm bringing in a guest post. Technically  it won't be my first guest post (by any definition), but I personally think it's a tasty contrast from the rest of this blog.

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Now, give a welcome to Karey White.


"How a Cake Inspired a Novel"

Picture of a three-tier wedding cake.
I’d been married for a few years when I decided to open my own wedding cake business. I’d done wedding cakes for family members and I knew I was good at it, so I made the leap. Like Abby, I wasn’t sure what to charge, but the idea of letting customers decide never entered my mind. 

It took a few years for me to build up the confidence to charge what the cakes were really worth. I knew I was undercharging, but I also knew that I had no overhead (we had a second kitchen, so I ran the business from home) and I was afraid I’d have no business if I didn’t beat most other people’s prices. 

Looking back at the cakes I made, I know that’s silly because my cakes were beautiful and the hundreds of brides I made cakes for were always very satisfied.

I’d been making cakes for about ten years when I got an order for a bright, colorful cake that would be delivered to a candy-themed wedding. The cake was three tall tiers covered in white fondant. The decorations were swirls of fondant in orange, green, yellow, fuchsia, and purple. It was a fun and playful cake and I loved it.

I delivered it to the reception center. The refreshments were ice cream with all kinds of candy toppings. The tables were decorated with white tablecloths and huge, sparkling glass jars filled with different candies. There were jelly beans, gum drops, runts and skittles. The entire room was fun and whimsical and the cake fit right in.

I took pictures and was preparing to leave when the mother of the bride came up and exclaimed her delight at the cake. She was thrilled and was sure her daughter was going to love it. Then she expressed her surprise that the cake had been such a bargain. She’d have expected it to cost so much more than it did.

This had happened to me before but this time it really got my mind going. I wondered what she’d have been willing to pay for that cake if she’d been naming the price.


For What It's Worth by Karey White cover.
Again, cake.
I’d thought for a long time that it would be fun to write a novel about a wedding cake shop since there were so many interesting experiences that came from making cakes for the biggest day in a girl’s life. As I thought about that mother’s comments, I realized I had an unexpected angle for a plot. Once I started thinking about the story potential, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Human nature is an interesting thing when it comes to what we spend. There are people who want to be the ones who got the biggest bargain. There are also people who want to be able to tell people they spent a fortune. There are those who look for opportunities to take advantage of a situation and those that are desperate to be fair. All of those personalities are real and would have to be considered when deciding to turn over such an important matter to the customer.

For What It’s Worth was a really fun book to write and if I had the chance to go back and start my business again, I’d really want to try out Abby’s idea.


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