The One Underestimated Skill of a Writer

Lately, I've been honing one important skill. It's a skill that some writers don't need to hone, but for me, it's needed. Without it, writing is impossible.

For example, right now, I have a large backpack behind me, making sure I keep my back straight, and my hands on the keyboard.

Yes, I'm training myself to sit correctly, but regardless, ergonomics is a valuable skill you need to keep in mind if you want to maintain efficiency.

Sitting Like L

One of my many quirks as a writer is that I sit strangely.

One of my standard position is to lean back in my seat, crouching, with knees against the edge of the table. Strange, but it's comfortable.

Another favorite that I do it private is that somehow, my legs would be against the wall.

Even now, as I'm typing this with back straight, one leg is rested above my other leg's knee.

I uncross it now, but my knees buckle in.

I straighten it and scoot back.

The only reason why this position will last is because I'll have to leave for first period in a few minutes.

At least my many sitting positions give me material for character quirks.

Why It's Important

The problem is that many of my sitting positions make the keyboard unreachable.

There's this one big chair by the desktop that I'm always trying to swap out for a smaller, but more rigid, chair. It's because I have a tendency to lean back, get comfy--and then only be able to reach the mouse. And I'll become too lazy to even bulge to fix it.

It's important to maintain a proper sitting position so you can physically write.

A Sorta Universal

Sitting correctly is all relative. For example, as I'm typing this paragraph, I'm sitting on my foot. Sure, I can type all right, but soon my foot will fall asleep, and who knows what position I'll assume next.

But basically, it's whatever position lets you make words. With many methods of writing, and many different kinds of people, there's not one position that works for everyone.

Can you still write in that position? Go ahead? Laying down? Go ahead! On top of your head? Umm...go ahead!

But if you're leaning back in your chair to the point that you can't reach the keyboard, you can't physically type!

So, What's the Point of This Article?

Next writing session, take note of your position. Can you write efficiently that way? Would adjusting your position shift your energy, injecting a must-needed boost into your motivation?

Sometimes, putting a backpack behind you and sitting straight can do wonders to your productivity.

YOUR TURN: What's your writing position? Answer in the comments, or post your own response on your blog and link back here.

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