Winners of the INDIE-giving Blogfest!

Another giveaway is over, one more successful than the one before that.

On Sunday, I let the Random Roll God decide the two lucky blog readers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Debra! You won the $5 Amazon Gift Card

And congratulation Denise! You won the three-page critique.

You should either have received an email earlier, or you should receive an email too. If you don't receive it (or you accidently throw it out with the spam, like I did with one email), contact me via @chihuahuazero over at Twitter. If you two want to swap prizes, make the arrangement and let me know.

Also, I'll like to thank everybody else who entered! With over 270+ entries, this was a larger sweep than last  time. Stick around, since there will be more in the future. I promise!

In fact, the next giveaway planned will be apart of an even larger event...

One More Thing

This is the only Monday post, and there will be no Weekly Round-up this Friday.

Let's say I've fallen behind on NaNoWriMo, and I have to put aside a lower priority to finish. I'm sorry, but I promise that December will bring better bounties.

See you then!