Quill Cafe on Food-like Skin Colors

Since I'm not doing a craft post this week, I'll instead share the equivalent of a blog post to you guys, from Keri Payton of the blog/vlog Quill Cafe.

This is definitely a blooming channel. Keri's demeanor and sense of humor, along with the exploration of atypical topics, are promising. Also, Quillbert is a cuter mascot than my avatar, which I'm yet to incorporate into any of my blog posts, because I'm holding out for something less markety.

If Keri continues for another year or so, she might have a hefty fanbase over at YouTube...but only if people follower her.

Like you. Yes, I'm ordering you to subscribe to another blogger's channel. I'm not doing anything on YouTube, so it's her domain. I'll take Tumblr instead, but only once I'm done with NaNoWriMo.

Which means I should shut up soon, but I have a few minutes left.

The Video

Ever encounter descriptions like "honey-tinted skin" and "skin like hot chocolate"? Well, Keri has something to says about that.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of food descriptions being used for skin color? Have anything better? Know any unusual