Dogtown Weekly: 10/12/12

This is a short edition--but expect something bigger next Monday!

Weekly Round-up: It's Still On

A jagged cartoon speech bubble.
Fits more with the last section.
After considering it, I've decided that it's worth continuing on the round-ups.

I loosened the routine though. First of all, I'm no longer setting aside time to check for articles, instead reading them when I want to. Second of all, no social sharing until I release them here. 

Hopefully, this will lead to some better articles, even if it's a little less.




  • A guest author describes one way to get unstuck when writing a story: a panel of characters. Dumb or genius? Who knows?
  • Lastly, here's a great mash-up of two authors' journey to selling 10000 copies.

Blog Update: Changing It Around with Twitter

I made my decision with Twitter.

I'm still using it, don't worry, but I'm no longer auto-following people. I'm going to be more selective, choosing only people I want to interact with, and blocking out constant self-promoters.

So far, my following count has stayed stagnant, but future plans will replace the lost increases I got from auto-following.

Writer's Update: He Is Now Named

Okay, it's time for me to start outlining my project properly. Let me say that.

More importantly though, I've finally decided what to name my mute protagonist: Niv.

I choose it because it means "speech/expression" in Hebrew. Ironic, right? Yet, at the end of Niv's story, it'll be the only name suitable for him. That's the magic of character development.

It might take a couple of days for that name to match for Niv. But since I'm hoping it will, I think it will. It does have that heroic tone to it, doesn't it?

(Besides, it's a futuristic setting, so it doesn't matter if it's of Hebrew origin. What's more likely are names that have mutated over the centuries while maintaining its form, a la Peeta, but Niv manages to survive, probably due to a linguist with a twisted or genius sense of humor).


See? Short.

YOUR TURN: What's the name of your a protagonist you're writing a story about? Why that name?