Dogtown Weekly: 10/19/12

Weekly Round-up: 10/19/12

With the decreased number of links, I'm getting rid of the day headings. Tell me if this hurts the round-ups:

Writer's Update: Outlining Ho!

Outlining has started. 

I got the basic arc out: beginning and end. All I need to do is to figure out the latter.

You see, when I first battered out the outlining, I gawked at how... amateurish it came out as. Like a stroll in the park. It showed how long of a way I had to go.

Now, I should also start "training" for NaNoWriMo, establishing a routine to make sure I can do the 1667+ every day. Hopefully, I'll do even better than last year--and come out with an even better draft that I'll commit to.

Blog Update: Thank You, Jocelyn!

First of all, thanks for the buzz surrounding Monday's interview! It wasn't much, but there were a lot of visitors that day, and the one after that. Many didn't stick around, but comments from both Jocelyn's journal and the interview were uplifting.

If you don't already read Rain, check it out! Today's page is especially funny.

yMusic Developments

This weekend, or sooner, I'm creating a page for the yMusic reviews as a way of centralizing the entire mega-series.

I get a lot of search traffic from them, but I need to implement a way to get readers to stay around. Any suggestions on how to link music to writing/fiction? Suggestions are appreciated!

Stay tuned tomorrow or Sunday for a review.

And next week for a possible album review--if I get one.

Conclusion: Cross-Country Curtain

Today is my last cross-country meet. After that, the season is over for me. I'll go to the varsity meet on Saturday to cheer them on, but I won't be doing as much running for the rest of the year.

Cross-country definitely has a great impact on my life. I'm happier, and I've bonded with some new friends, not to mention I'm better off physically, and everyone's happy that I'm an athlete.

However, I'm a writer too, and I'll be using the time I've been using for practices and meets to improve my craft.

But...wish me luck this afternoon! If I do better than last week, I'll be the only person on the entire team to have improved on every single course--even on one of the hardest in the nation!

Happy reading and writing!