Dogtown Weekly: A Love Affair with Roblox

Weekly Round-up: 10/26/12


Writer's Update: Roblox?

Image of the Roblox Bloxxer badge.
Guess what's shattering.
For some reason that I can't recall, one week before NaNoWriMo, I decided to dip back into Roblox and see if it could catch my interest again.

You see, videogames cycle in and out of my life in irregular intervals. I have been a member of Roblox since 2008. I haven't been playing all that time. More than not, I'm not even thinking about it. Most of the time, I'm off in other places.

But one reason why I still come back to it every few months or so is because it's the site where I created the "chihuahua0" name. It's "Chihuahua Zero" now, but Roblox is official proof of my Internet identity existence.

Of course, I had some fun with some of the new games that had occupied the front page, along with a couple of older games that had survived the passage of time.

Some may disagree, but I think Roblox has became better over time. More users mean greater game designers. Those are the people who make standouts that withstand Sturgeon's Law. I had fun with a couple of those games.

Also, building and designing has became more accessible. In 2008, there wasn't a cleancut tool you can use to build houses as easily. In 2008, there weren't templates that can be used to create fully functioning FPS.

On Tuesday, I used one of the templates to create such a game. Check it out. Drag a friend with you into it and have a shootout. It's a little crummy, but tell me your thoughts of it.

On the Other Hand...

Despite the fact that I was blabbering about game design on Wednesday, and pushing one of my siblings to get into it, I ran out of steam fast.

For some reason, Roblox loses its freshness fast, at least for me. Despite some really stellar games, both from the official team and from users, its compactness don't appeal to me long. The few games that stuck with me over the year are no longer active, and the ones that have the potential...didn't live up to it.

I'm not sure why.

Maybe because I'm more of a sucker for story. I mean, TF2 probably lasted longer because of that.

Both writing and game design are time-consuming, and I only have the energy (or lack of) to devote to one at a time, and I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo.

Besides, I should work on the rest of my work ethic (my Communication Arts teacher would probably gawk if she knows how much effort I'm putting into homework and studying), so...

Speaking of School...

Guess who gets to be Mark Twain for Social Studies!

Mock trial, baby! I'm researching the facts, and patching up the holes. My goal is to be the best actor in the room, so wish me luck!

YOUR TURN: Have you ever been sidetracked by other forms of media that makes you want to create with another medium? Feel free to blog about it and link back here.