"Oath" by Cher Lloyd and Becky G

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"Wherever you go, just always remember,
That you got a home for now and forever,
And if you get low, just call me whenever,
This is my oath to you!"

One YouTube user commented: "Finally! A song about best friends!"

Indeed! Oh, and it's from Cher Lloyd, another British artist crossing over. "Want U Back" is still rocking on the radio, but will "Oath" arrive, or will Top 40 Radio shut it out while it hypes its American goods (and keep Gangnam Style from going #1)?

Meaning, Lyrics and Interpretation

"Oath" paints a positive, if iffy, message. I'm not usually the one to think about message, it's tangled in all that moral guardian stuff.

 For example, "crash your dad's new car". Is that supposed to be past tense, or present tense? Is it supposed to be a command ("let's do bad stuff!"), or an event that just happened? Well, the lyrics sites are saying past tense, so I'll go with that.

Still...maybe it's the Hollywood High image of the music video, even though it's supposed to be British. Or Brits masquerading as Americans?

Image of Cher Lloyd and her gang in "Oath".
I mean, look at this!

On the other hand, it paints a good image of best friends that I envy. "All the scars we share". Considering my social drive, I'm not the one to have an intimidate bestfriendship with anybody. Society's fault, or my introvert tendencies? I'll go with the latter.

Wait, the lyrics. Where was I?

Oh! It was a great choice to choose Becky G as a featured artist. This song requires two point-of-views. Besides, she produces this gem:

I know I drive you crazy, sometimes. 
 And I know I call you lazy, and that's most times.


For some reason, Cher Lloyd is one of those artists whose songs sound a bit grating on the ears at first, but then you get into it. It's hip-pop with more emphasis on "pop" than "rap". The guitar is quite typical, along with the rest of the instrumentals.

The "sing-rap" verses are spunky, and produces a hit-and-miss effect. Either you're rocking the beat, or the attitude turns you off. For now, I'm going with the first one. Ms. Lloyd has very interesting execution.

Oh, and the bridge is "feel-good" sunnied up.

Overall, it's a good song. Not the best song, but a good song that's different from the usual pop stuff. Maybe that what sets Cher Lloyd from the rest of the crowd, but I'll have to buy her album first.

Meanwhile, I'll consider my album review for Ellie Goulding's Halcyon.

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