Winner of "Let's Write a Short Story!" Giveaway

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The winner of Let's Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting is...Leocadia!

Congrats, Leocadia! I hope you find this writing guide helpful and insightful.

(If you haven't already responded to the email, you have seventy-two hours from the moment this post goes live to claim your prize. If you don't, I choose another winner.)

Some Notes

Don't fret if you don't win. I have at least two or three giveaways planned for the rest of the year, and therefore plenty of other opportunities to win.

Don't forget to enter! The more people that enter, the more likely I'll keep holding these giveaways.

Come back Friday for a (properly done) Dogtown Weekly, right at breakfast.

One More Thing

Here's a giveaway on the other side of the Internet. Ever since I won a $50 Amazon gift card from a book tour, I've been keeping an eye out for these kinds of giveaways.

Once I spot enough, I might add them into my weekly round-ups.