1st Guest Post Blitz: Keepin up with the Joneses

Today, the guest post blitz continues!

Unfortunately, it's likely that my next guest post will be my last official guest post within this seven-day period, but I'm still monitoring for growth, especially on the email front. (Hint, hint.)

Now, here's the second post...

An Abundance of Katherines Review

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green cover.
Hop on over to Keepin up with the Joneses... in the Book World for my review of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green!

Keep in mind that it's unlikely I'll do reviews like this on my blog often, unless it's from an obligation (like what I did with Grasping at Eternity). Guest posting is one way I'm able to put these articles out to the world in a non-spamming way.


Don't forget to check out my contribution over at YA Indie! This time, I'm highlighting Victoria Mixon's posts.

However, this will probably be the last post of that nature. Come back Friday for more details.

Two Sidenotes

First of all, this is just a hunch, but if you signed up for email updates, and you're not receiving them, tell me so I can manually add them into the system!

Either MailChimp are eating the confirmation up, or people are lying to me when signing up for the giveaway. I hope it's not the latter.

Now, on a lighter note: Have you noticed that the email form at the top is visible on the homepage, but not on this page?

That's HTML magic, my friends!

With Blogger, I'm slowly learning how to code more and more. Maybe one day, I'll take the effort to do some raw coding.