Response Round-up: Politics and Graceling

First of all, I apologize for this being a day later than I promised! I had homework and a pasta dinner on Friday, and I had to go to a cross-country meet first thing in the morning Saturday.

Now, I gathered plenty of responses for both topics, just from the comments alone, but also off-site.

First of All, Another Apology

For my post on Graceling, I didn't give the other side enough credit.

One of the people that inspired the post messaged me briefly after, pointing out that paraphrasing her was warping her argument. 

I should've dug up the original post, or at least contacted her before pulling the post out of my buffer, but it's too late for that.

I'll be linking her below.


Of course, I got some diverse opinions here.

  • First of all, Snowy Foxes (or Cho), the writer I mentioned above, blogged about the writing aspect of politics. For example, how the author of Eragon made a strawman out of an argument, and how subtlety, good taste, and common sense is key. She also brushes on the Graceling issue, but not in detail.
  • Vyctorian, on the other hand, disagrees with me. To quote: "Find the issues you care about and talk about them, rant about them, no matter how trivial you think others may find them if they matter to you, then say something about it." Vyctorian and I might not sure the same opinions on America, but I invite this point-of-view.
  • Hello, Twitter. I should've kept track of everything, one highlight is a two-hour conversation between @KristenJett and @WritingDystopia. Unfortunately, there's not one easy way to display the entire exchange, but you can see how many tweets there were by clicking through.
  • Lastly, also on Twitter, Tom Pike of Echo Chamber pitched in. I'll let this picture do the talking:


Since this topic is more situational, I received less responses, but there was still discussion.

  • You can see some of the answers to my Tumblr post, ifwemeetupatmidnight has the most passionate response. On the other hand, peacockdawson said that "I did get a negative vibe on marriage from Graceling and Fire. But yeah, Fire discounts most of this." 

I wonder what Bitterblue has in terms of marriage.


Let me ask one question: Should I continue these kinds of round-ups?

If so, persuming I present a question on Monday, when should I post the round-up?