I'm Writing a Short Story! [Writer's Update]

Okay, I'm putting it out there. I'm creating accountability. I'm giving you guys the right to bug me until I reach my goal.

I'm entering this contest, hosted by Joe Bunting of the Write Practice. Yes, I know he has been on my blog a lot lately, but he's the main reason why I'm even writing at the moment, with his prompts and "Let's Write a Short Story!"

 The rough draft for my first entry is almost done.

All I need to do is to get myself to actually type a story.

One More Hurdle to Pass

I promised myself that I would type up another story, the one I promised myself to write a few weeks earlier, on Labor Day.

That fell through.

My work ethic at school is good. The problem is keeping it up at home, especially at the wee hours of nighttime. You see, "The Lottery" is currently next to me as I type this, waiting to be re-read a second time for Communication Arts. There might be a quiz just one and a half hours after this post goes live.

I laid a couple of things off.

This Wednesday, I'll get my homework done, my piano practice done, and when I get the computer, I'll go straight to typing.

But it's easier to say it than do it, to state an old cliche.

That's my life right now. My writing folder is getting more creative action than my poor laptop with its dying charger that I have to fiddle with to get it to work.

Blogging Crisis

Not to mention I'm having a mini-identity crisis when it comes to this blog.

You can see some of what I said on the latest #indiechat manuscript, but basically, what's the core of my blog? Should I be writing for writers, or should I be writing for readers? If either one, what should I aim for? How can I do all of this without subtracting from my writing?

I put a sort of deadline on myself. Right now, I have several guest posts planned for September 14th-22nd. Once they go live, the traffic will go to whatever I have up on my blog. 

If everything goes right, it should be a short story.

And perhaps a viral-worthy post that will help build my audience.

My Goal

I am going to enter at least one story into Joe Bunting's contest.

If I can, I'll enter a second one. But not without revising both.

The more and more work I have up on the Internet, the more of a writer I am.

Does that make any sense?

Excuse my ramblings.

Some Words about yMusic

By the way, I'm considering discontinuing yMusic. At least as a regular installment.

Unlike all the other kind of posts I have up there, no one (to my knowledge) are fond of the music video reviews. Anyone who was truly fond of them would've commented or shared them more. Compared to the reactions I got with Monday's post, yMusic is a ghost town.

At this current state, they're no more than SEO bricks that doesn't get me any more readers. Although I might rank for "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", none of those searchers are interested in sticking around for more reviews.

I might post another one this Saturday--if I have the time.

It's likely I will not.

Consider yMusic to be shelved--for now. Maybe once this blog has twice the audience it currently has, I'll revive it. For now though, it's more important for me to cook the meat and hunt the game. You know what that metaphor means.