Dogtown Weekly: The Short Story High is Over




Writer's Updates: Will I Be Writing More Short Stories Soon?

Let's say that the writing spree I was on, which peeked at about seven pages in one school day, died. Now I have to drag the corpse and figure out how to write again.

And Then I Got an Arrow to the Face

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.
And the face?
I think it ended at the time I submitted my entry to the "Let's Write a Short Story!" contest. I wished I solicited critique earlier, because a fellow writer only finished the critique this week and deliver it via Tumblr's messaging system.

Apparently, my grammar is still not good. And there was a lot of "show-not-tell". And the "on his face like arrows" metaphor brought to mind that one Skyrim meme.

Bottom line? My chances of winning the contest are extremely, extremely slim.

So that story is going to have to be shelved for a couple of months while I figure out how stop all those grammar errors I can't spot by myself.

Back to Manifestation Files?

Guess so.

Time is passing me by.

I'll dabble into it and see if it's ready to receive my full attention again for the entire month of October, all the way until NaNoWriMo.

Now, all I need to do is to establish typing into my writing routine, and I should be gravvy. If I can keep the gravvy from becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Blog Updates: Google+ It Is

Red Google+ logo.
After reading Guy Kawasaki's What the Plus, I've decided that sticking with the Google+ wagon is the way to go.

As Guy put it, it's a small party with a lot of activity. It's not small, but it's not huge like Twitter or Facebook. If I put down my stake now, I'll have an easier time becoming an influencer within the writing community there.

To do that, I'll have to find a lot of people to circle.

Do you have a Google+ profile? If you do, tell me so I can add you to my circles.

Right now, my main strategy is to:

  • Start posting updates regularly
  • Taking more photos with the blog's mascot (as seen in my avatar) to use to spunk up said updates. Make an habit out of this.
  • Interact with people. Start commenting on several updates and links, and help people with their writing needs. Keep in mind which people would likely be social networking friends.
  • Attract more people to this blog's Google+ page.

Once I have more followers on my Google+ page (not the personal one, although that's ideal too), I'll start doing special stuff there. Maybe some mini-articles that will make their way into the emails. Maybe even a mini-giveaway, once there's enough interest.


That's all for now! Have a nice week!

Actually, check back Saturday. Possibly.