Genre Favorites Blogfest!

Yes! Another one!

Way back in February, when I only had about three or four followers (after months!), I participated in the Origins Blogfest.

Now I'm back with another one from Alex J. Cavanaugh!

A picture of the Genre Favorites Blogfest banner from Alex J. Cavanaugh.
Who designed this banner? I want to know.

My Favorite Genres

As said on the blog: "one blogfest, four favorites". Those are: movies, music, books, and a guilty pleasure from any one.


To be honest, I'm not enough of a movie buff to form a strong opinion on this matter. But if I have to choose,  maybe it would be blockbusters. Does that count as a genre? It better be, because that's the only genre Dad brings me to watch.


This is slightly easier, since I am a music buff. In several genres, anyways. But I would say I'll give this one to pop. Say all you want about the fact that it's mainstream, but I don't think Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj are trash. Their music is good!

Florence + the Machine counts as indie pop also.


YA, of course! It's in the blog's name! But technically, young adult literature is a demographic, since it holds a lot of different genres.

Hmm...that makes it harder. I like dystopians, contemporary, I have to choose one?

All right, I'll just go with young adult literature. Is that okay?

Guilty Pleasure

Let's drag a fourth medium into this: LGBT webcomics.

Specifically, LGBT webcomics know.

Hint hint?


If you don't get it, don't think into it too much. But if you do, you'll know why it's a guilty pleasure. Emphasis on guilty and pleasure. If that makes any sense.


Excuse me for that detour. I hope you enjoy the slight insight into some of my tastes.

Also, stay tuned for guest posts on other blogs, along with something thought-provoking in the morning.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite genres in any medium? 

Do you have a guilty pleasure?