Dogtown Weekly: 9/21/12


Quick Stuff

Since I'm typing this the night before, like I promised myself not to, and I'm tired, I'll be quick with this.

First of all, I decided to not to the Response Round-ups. At least, not separately. There were no responses for Monday's post, so I decided it wasn't worth it until I have more buzz, if that makes any sense.

Second of all, writing has slowed down. I'll be fixing that.

Third of all, I'll either reel back on my blog efforts, or work on something special.

Fourth of all, homecoming. Wish me luck!

Oh, and here's some music: "Come Into My Head" by Kimbra. It's a maniac video, one that's worth trying to link the lyrics and meaning of. Perhaps I'll link to more music next week. Like "Lindsey Stirling".