1st Guest Post Blitz: Lydia Sharp

Two weeks ago, I decided it was time to use some of the drafts laying around on my Blogger account for something useful.

Namely, writing like Freddy Krueger. Or rather, a Freddy Jr. If I planned a month ahead, I would have secured more slots, but it's too late for that.

Three W's

What am I doing? Guest posting on other blogs within the span of seven days.

Why am I doing it? The more guest posts at once, the more exposure.

Why should you care? More writing articles, that's what!

I'll be finding the main focus of my blog within the next month or so, so there will be a point which several article types will no longer fit the theme, and therefore be better suited on more fitting sites. It's all about finding the proper home for my words.

Guest Post #1: Crying Characters Won't Drown Your Story

Girl crouched in fetal position in front of a dark green wall.
Look at her.
Starting today, the first of at least 3-4 guest posts, with at least three others, are up on the Internet.

Lydia Sharp is the first host! Click through to her blog for my writing craft article on why there are points your character should cry.

Don't forget to check out her other stuff! And say hi!

Also, check back tomorrow for two more posts: My regular contribution at YA Indie, and another at a fellow follower's blog. See you Saturday!