Writer's Update: 8/1/12 (Ch-ch-changes! And Beta Reading!)

Clip-art image of a black, sign-like person sprinting.
Run, devil, run.
Two weeks until school.

More specifically: thirteen days.

With the end of summer break looming closer and closer at a noticeable speed, I crafted a to-do list.

It's a little too long for comfort, and I'm not going to share it (the kitchen timer is on to remind me that I have something to do right after this post), but if I stop being lazy, and get myself to follow through with my commitment, I can get through these two weeks without having an emotional breakout in public.

That sounds like a reasonable goal?

Now that's out of the way...

Notice anything different?

Look up at the heading.

The Old Name is Dead! Long Live the New Name!

The title "Thoughts of a Young Aspiring Writer" died when Ava Jae posted this blog post on Writability.

For months, I have been using the term "aspiring author" everywhere else, like on my Twitter profile. Jeff Goins' You Are a Writer rendered the words "aspiring writer" as a counter-productive phrase. An artifact.

So I ditched it everywhere else...but here.

To be honest, I don't really like the title "Thoughts of a Young Aspiring Writer". It's generic, turned cliche by other "aspiring X's" out there. 

I used Ava Jae's post to make the huge change, before someone else on Twitter pointed out that "aspiring writer" never have applied to me.

So on Tuesday evening, I switched it over.

Welcome to "The YA's Dogtown"!

It's snappier and more concise! I ripped the name off my Tumblr, The Young Author's Doghouse. Except I made a few tweaks. Want to know why I'm using the word "Dogtown"? Two reasons.

  1. Because my handle is "Chihuahua Zero".
  2. Because my end goal is to forge a community with this blog.

Actually, there's a third and forth reason, but those are too personal for me to disclose now.

Hopefully, you guys will embrace this new title with open arms, and it'll stand out when I arrange some guest posts to go up.

One problem remains: the domain. It doesn't matches, and more than one person complained that it's too long. I'm keeping it as it is for now. I have no idea what would happen if I change it, and I don't want to risk wrecking my Google ranking or any other backlinks. If anyone would like to help, let me know.

Beta Reading

Any ways, I have another piece of news: I'm beta reading a novel!

And it's not written by another aspiring author (the proper term for writers such as me), it's a manuscript from a former editor and a published author! If her current WIP gets published (which there's a good chance it will), I might have my name in the acknowledgements. A small yet worthy honor.

Now, it wasn't especially hard to become a beta reader. It was more about being the person she was looking for and making the commitment. A few e-mail exchanges later, she sent me the manuscript, elaborated on the criteria, and told me to not post any excerpts.

So to be on the safe side, I'm keeping mum about every detail of the novel. You can probably find out more about it than I do so far if you follow the link in the last paragraph, but I'm going to make you guys look for it. :3

I'll update you guys about how it goes in two weeks.

In any case, there are two lessons to learn here:

  1. Don't be afraid of making the step. If you're qualified, luck will be on your side.
  2. Be sure you can make the commitment.

Which is why I made the to-do list.

All right, as I write this paragraph, it's Tuesday night. Right after I schedule this for tomorrow, I'm logging off and doing at least one math lesson for school. After that, I'm plugging in the pencil flash drive and beta reading at least ten pages. After that, I'll see if it worth doing anything else before going to bed.

Wednesday, after this post goes live, I'll be struggling to get out of bed early, practicing both piano and my neglected violin (if I can find the music), practicing for cross-county next week, and chipping out of my block.

There. I stated most of my to-do list. Now I don't have an excuse to waste time bouncing between TV Tropes, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Wish me luck, fellow bookworms!

YOUR TURN: Do you have any current commitments?

PS: Oh! I almost forgot!

After changing this blog's name, I made a page for it at Google+. It's a part of building my long-term platform. I'm not overly active on Facebook, and Google has a bias toward factoring 1+'s into its search results.

If you have a G+ profile, please put my page into a circle. I circle all writers and readers back.