Weekly Round-up: 8/17/12 (And Something Else)

Notice that I actually did the weekly round-up this week!

Also, stay tune Saturday for more round-up goodness. And maybe yMusic. I need to find some music for it.





Email Subscribing

Also, notice that there isn't a form at the end of this post. I'm considering MailChimp for my email service. I know that I shouldn't be doing this so soon, but it's free while having way more stuff than Nourish. For example, custom forms and email formats.

I'm testing it on my account right now to check for any oopsies. (From my stats, my five subscribers are currently receiving emails a day late , when I want it to be delivered just a few hours later.) If it turns out it's going smoothly, I'll do the swap.

Hopefully, my five email subscribers won't mind being moved again, but I want the best I can get without bugging Mom for her credit card on a monthly basis.

Once I make a decision, I encourage you to be an email subscriber! In the future, I might give subscribers more entries in Rafflecopter giveaways. I'm building a list as a way of preparing for a time where I can give exclusive content (or even free e-books!) to loyal followers.

Speaking of which, I'm also considering something for my regular subscribers. I'm not sure what, when or even if, but I really need to award you guys. Thanks for being active readers.