Write a Delivery Story [Writer's Update]

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In order to make the Writer's Updates more practical, I'll be testing out...stuff. Just stuff. Like content and such. Maybe something closer to Daily Life. Tell me when I hit a sweet spot.

Remember that promise that I made Monday that I would start writing a short story?

Well, despite having homework, a missing hoodie, and two neglected instruments, I wrote four pages yesterday.

Four pages. About a thousand words. The size of a long flash fiction.




Well, Technically...

...I was writing another short story before I received the review copy for "Let's Write a Short Story"! I started way back on the 16th. The premise? 

A twenty-seven-year-old woman named Ari goes into an "abandoned" building after the end to retrieve a genetically modified creature from a science lab. One that happened to get populated by the experiments. Oh, and she meets a younger boy along the way.

...Okay, that sounds amateurish. Sort of like that those runaway or "I-have-been-turned-into-a-pony-oh-no!" kinds of stories written by teens my age.

I'll just use my log line skills to compress the summary into pitch-worthy form:

"After the end, a weary for-hire girl meets a young hermit and traverses an infested lab."

Much better. Does it sounds like a story you would want to read? Yes or no?

In any case, it took a while. Fifteen or sixteen pages in about six days. If I want to start writing on a regular basis, I'll have to adjust my pace so I can finish the same type of draft in half the time, if not a third.

Still, considering my writing drought over the summer, it's improvement.

Now I'm working on the short story I promised myself I would start writing Monday. But I started it Tuesday, because I had to finished my previous project. Now, I'm committed.

For the sake of being loose, I jumped into the story sometime during either Communication Arts or Study Hall. I started with the same concept I wrote the previous story with: delivery.

What's a Delivery Story?

A pizza guy on a bright-colored scooter.
Writing prompt. Go.
This is a concept I'll be writing a longer blog post on in the future.

A delivery story: A story that revolves around a character transferring an entity from one location or character to another.

It's a basic definition, but it's a plot with many possibilities. You can get thousands of stories just from deciding who's the protagonist or narrator. Is it the deliver, the sender, the receiver, a witness, or someone else who will be affected by the delivery?

It's a journey, except your objective is not just to get to Point A to Point B, you have something or someone to protect. You're entrusted with it. How does that affect you.

The delivery causes a change. Most likely, it's character development. Or if the story is a tragedy, the setting takes a hit.

It's a interesting subject I hope I'll fall in love with.

My Goal

Previously, I wanted to write a YA short story collection with all male POVs. That's still a possibility. For now though, I want more flexibility. I want to work on characterization, character development, stakes in conflict setting, saying more with less, subtext, dialogue...and pretty much everything, but especially those things I just listed.

Once I get plenty of stories under my belt, preferably some in a publishable state, I'll pick which ones to send to literary publications or compile into a short story collection.

If I get published, I'll be excited.

Spiritual Dilemma

Still, I run into two problems.

  1. Committing to the short story collection to the bitter end.
  2. Whatever I will come back to Manifestation Files.

The latter is important, but since I wrote quite a lot on that subject, I'll save it for a future post.

Let me say that I want to publish Manifestation Files, but the problem is what project to focus on.

I could split it...but I'll continue writing short stories for now. I'll test the waters. If I find that I get a lot done on that route, I'll put Manifestation Files to the side and aim for self-publishing. Hey, I'm a teen. I have no money problems.

Ninjas Witches in Paris London

A purple witch hat.
She probably won't be wearing this.
The current story I'm writing can be summarize as this (so far):

"In Magicpunk London, a delivery witch itching to get out ends up with a package that attracts trouble from various factions."

Basically, Ruth, the protagonist, has responsibility shoved into her feather-weight belt. How will she handle it? Is her love for servant boy Luke strong enough to overcome the fact that the Victorian equivalent of the Mafia made her a target?
I'll see. We'll see.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever written a story involving a plot-central delivery? What do you think of these story ideas?

PS: First of all, I got two pages done since I finished this post.

PSS: Second of all, my post over at YA Indie got submitted to Reddit. It's a first! :D