yMusic: "Pound the Alarm" by Nicki Minaj (With a Bonus)

Little Sibling thinks she looks like a peacock.
Dad thinks she looks like a cockatiel. A sexy cockatiel.
Oh, oh, oh.
Come fill my glass a little more.
We're about to get up and burn this floor.

Yes, another Nicki Minaj review. Nothing you can do about it. But I have been waiting to feature this on my blog for the last two or three weeks. I even expressed this want on YA Confidential! I was so off the mark.

And now I'm going to dig into this Caribbean carnival. Not of the clowns kind, the sexy, sexy kind.

WARNING: It's a rap song. What do you expect?

The Song

If you want my thoughts on the song "Pound the Alarm", along with some gleam into the meaning, read my earlier review of the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album.

The Music Video

Upon hearing the steel pans in the music video's intro, it's clear that Nicki going to Trinidad was the right choice.
What do you do when you don't want to film another music video in a nightclub? Go to a carnival! And ask all the extras to bring their own costumes. Let the fans take the exotic sights in, and do an one-up from Rihanna's visit to Barbados in her "Man Down" video.
(For the record, "Man Down" can't really be compared to "Pound the Alarm".)

No Miniskirts are Out

Except for the intro, not a lot of footage is dedicated to the scenic views. Instead, what we get is a hip-high shot of Nicki seeing in front of a foresty city--and her rocking the skimpy carnival outfit. See the picture at the beginning of the post. 
Oh, and don't forget the back-up dancers in equally skimpy outfits, gyrating their hips and grinding against each other.
Thinking about it, we might have a stealth pun here. Considering "Pound the Alarm" is about a burning dance floor, we have all of this hotness...never mind.

A Feisty Crowd

I wish their were more shots of the carnival.
Sure, the wide views of the carnival and the blue fire-breathers were cool, but they were more of the highlight of the work. The length of "Pound the Alarm" doesn't help though. And everything is cut tightly as is.
Oh well.

Cultural Cringe

But still, the producer, Benny Boom, did one thing really right. I now want to look more into Trinidad carnivals. It's something Nicki would want her fans to do.
Also, the video does a good job getting the viewers into the setting. The elderly woman dancing on her balcony? Great touch.

Is it Supposed to be Spooky?

On the other hand, I'm still confused about the ending. Can anyone explain it to me?


My overall point? The "Pound the Alarm" music video lacks a few elements, but it's overall fun and unique. It'll take a lot of effort for another producer to showcase a foreign locale with this same energy. And "Pound the Alarm" is perhaps Nicki's most energetic video yet.
Now, I wonder what's the "Champion" video going to be like.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of the music video for "Pound the Alarm"? Are there any other music videos that succeed with showing foreign locales?
PS: One day, I'm going to focus another blog post on Lindsey Stirling. Funny that I bring her up, considering her role in a Nicki Minaj cover. From her livestream, her debut album is upcoming, and a dubstep-backed track is going to drop soon. Oh, and a tour. In short, Lindsey's career is taking off. For now, enjoy this medley of Phantom of the Opera!

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