No Weekly Round-up This Week

As apart of finishing all my before-school commitments, which I'll probably elaborate on tomorrow, I decided that compiling the weekly round-up for this week is too much of an effort on top of everything else. I might tweet a few articles, and share some onto Google+, but I don't have any plans to compile them together with comments.

It's not too hard, but I'm cutting corners. I'm already cheating on my enforced absence on TV Tropes, but since I use the Article Dump thread there to put together my Friday blog posts, I'll be less tempted to waste time there by suspending one blog duty for the week.

Sorry, guys. :/

However, if you guys want to some articles you loved. Just put them in the comments. If there are enough, and I go through with sharing links on Google+, I might organize a more informal one.

Want a hand in the blog and some cookies? Seize the day!

And don't worry! I'll promise to resume the Weekly Round-up next week--if school doesn't bombard me with too much homework!

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