Writer's Update: 8/15/12 (1st Day of School!)

A $1 bill.
My dollar looks something like this.
School started yesterday!

New classes, new sport, and a new schedule! My new English teacher is friendly (and competent) enough, although the Social Studies teacher blew away the competition when he handled each of his students a dollar and made everyone discuss about what type of pizza to get. A brilliant democracy simulation.

No pizza though, but we got to keep the dollar. Oh, and if we still have it at the end of the semester, we get five extra credit points, although the responsibility is worth more.

In other news, the school library is still closed. I'll be going in for study hall once it doors open.

If you have any questions about high school, drop me a question. I'll do some quick primary source research and hopefully produce an accurate answer.

By the way, I have an announcement.


I'm going to be a contributor to YA Indie!


It's not official-official, but the arrangements are in place. Dalya Moon gave me limited privilege, and I'm drafting a post for Saturday. If things go smoothly, I might have a long-term place there.

Let's say she was impressed by my weekly round-ups.

It pays to have a knack for being a curator. Although my radar still needs refining, so I can identify the right content from a variety of sources, there has been more than one instance that I hit bulls-eye. (That's the second time this week I used that word.)

If you're wondering where's Friday in the weekly round-ups, you might not need to wonder no more.


By the way, I forgot to mention this last week, but the first five pages of the current draft of Manifestation Files is up on Adventures in YA and Children's Literature!

Ignore the formatting errors.

Now, time to do some more blogging. And then homework. And yes, my priorities are screwed--I should be writing! ;)

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