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Amy Heidemann with an Asian-esque bun in Chinatown.
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Ah, Karmin, the hip-pop duo who is one of many that hit the YouTube jackpot. I've reviewed them before, and now they're back on this blog.

I've been putting my support behind them. For example, in a About to Pop poll, I voted over Nicki Minaj for Karmin. And since the latter's fanbase rallied up, they earned the duo more radio play.

Hopefully, they'll chart.

Last week, they released the music video for the title track of their debut album, "Hello".

Did they shoot a bulls-eye?

Quick Notes on the Song

Isn't it ironic that a song called "Hello" is the closing track? Doesn't hurt the song at all. The hook fits in the nightclub, although the chorus could have more spice.

On the other hand, lead singer Amy's rapping works. The meaning of her lyrics suggest that "they're here, and we're here to stay!"

And I like how she says the words "slayin' on it, prayin' on it, like a grim reaper".

As for the actual video...

Music Video

...It's about average.

I was actually unsatisfied by it during the first viewing, although the second one was more enjoyable. I guess I expected something more dancey.

Instead, Amy's biking through Chinatown. It's no Trinidad, but in any case, I love the editing here. The opening nature shots have nothing to do with the actual clip, but they set up a cool introduction. Also, the stop-motion-like cut to the lip-syncing adds energy into it.

On the other hand, I felt its main idea was unfocused. There's a b-story with Nick Noonan shaving his face and hair, but it isn't until near the end (they're going out on a date) when it becomes clear what's the point.

To admit, I like the shot of Amy and Nick hugging while the camera rotates around them. Definitely memorable.

But that shot of Amy singing the chorus on that balcony? Meh. Her eyebrow twitching isn't fascinating enough to cement the moment.

On the other hand, Chinatown is interesting. Too bad we don't get a lot of reaction shots.


It wasn't bad, but it was middle-of-the-road. It's enough to serve as promotion, but not to stick on people's minds for a long time. "Brokenhearted" does that better with its plot.

I'll forgive them by putting them on my iPod shuffle once I'm done with Kanye West.

This review was short, but yesterday, I didn't got a computer until late in the evening. Wait until tomorrow for something more...passionate.

YOUR TURN: What did you think of Karmin's "Hello" music video?

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