One Year Anniversary: Reflecting on The YA's Dogtown

I'm holding off yMusic until tomorrow, since there's something more important to be blogging about.

It's this blog's birthday!


Take a peek at how this blog evolved over the months.

Summery of the Last Year Or So

On the 11th of last year, I published my first blog post. Back then, this blog was called "Daily Life of a Young Aspiring Writer". I set it up as a personal blog geared toward writing.

Shortly after, I added book reviews from a writer's perspective into the mix. And then the earliest forms of the weekly round-ups. However, I suffered some writer's block on the blogging front.

I intended it to be daily, but it drifted far from that. It became two a week or so, or just one post on a week.

At some point, I changed it to "Daily Thoughts of a Young Aspiring Writer". At another point, I chopped the "Daily" part for conciseness.

It wasn't until February until I put myself into three blog hops and raised my followers from three to twelve. Not too much in the grand scheme of things, but as a newbie, it was an accomplishment.

Soon enough, the writing craft posts arrived, followed by the music reviews. By March, I settled into this blog's current format. For the most part, although I had occasional slips, I've achieved structure.

All I need to do is to strengthen that structure by creating the right content, getting people to share my posts more, get people to subscribe to my e-mail list (below)--and get back writing.

One Thing Though.

Manifestation Files is lonely. It has seen little work since it past its own one year anniversary.

Fortunately, school's starting. That should be the environment that pushes me back to my primary work, and get closer to my goal.

One More Question

What is my blog's purpose now? My clearest purpose was at the start: a writer's public journal, and the lessons that come from daily life. I've discarded that format. Writer's Updates are too hard to do on a daily or weekly basis.

Perhaps because I don't do enough writing.

Over the weekend, while I'm tying up commitments (including my math stuff, which I neglected telling my parents about), I'll be considering the matter.

For now, I'll be celebrating a fact this thing last one year.

YOUR TURN: Do you have a project that has lasted longer than a year?

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So sign up. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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