Writer's Update: 7/24/12 (Off in Art Land)

At this pace, it's likely I'll stop doing Writer's Updates as a Wednesday regular, due to the fact that most of the time, nothing of value comes out of it. The question is what to replace it with, if anything. It doesn't feel right leaving the middle of the week empty.

For now, let me leave you guys with the fact that I'm still dealing with school stuff for the summer (it purged me into a small place on Monday), and I'm off doing some French painting and cooking in another summer class. Cream puree, anyone? Or maybe carrot soup? I learned how to use a cutting board.

French-Inspired Artwork

Florence + the Machine-esque girl holding a rabbit and a knife in an Impressionist painting.
This is supposed to be impressionist. Guess what Florence + the Machine
song I based this off of. It's almost a give-in.

A clay grotesque gargoyle lighted by a window.
I have no idea what animal it's supposed to be.

Expect these to be on my DeviantART account soon.

Hopefully, I'll find my way with writing soon. Maybe that'll be next week--after I do my math and health stuff.