Weekly Round-up: 7/27/12 (With Some Photos)

Poster reading "Passport France".

The list for this week is a bit on the short side, but it couldn't be helped. The process that goes into compiling this has a lot of factors. One day, once I hit the sweet spot, I'll share the system I use.

But for now, enjoy this round-up. Don't forget to share this!

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A Photo Album of Food

By the way, since you guys loved my last post, here's the photos I posted on Twitter in the last two days. They should find their way onto Tumblr and hopefully DeviantART. 

If you want to use one of the photos for your blog post, feel free to ask. :)

Oh, and don't forget to read the alt text.

Three bowls of cream puree arranged in a smiley face.
Who wants cream puree?

Butter squares being folded into croissant dough.
Do you what's scary? Butter!
Two raw croissants half-folded into frowny faces.
Why the long face?

A metal bowl full of bittersweet chocolate chips.

By the way, two more pictures will be up tomorrow. Hopefully. Since one of them is music-related.