Want to Make Literary History?: London 2012 Olympics

Giant Voldemort puppet looming over another giant puppet.
Blargh! I am a puppet!
Before the Opening Ceremony was broadcasted on NBC, I was given a glance of what was happening over the pond, thanks to some British people over the Internet.

So when I watched it at 7:30, after Dad switched it from Eureka on DVD, I wasn't overly surprised at what happened.

Too bad I missed the Queen (stunt-double) jumping from a plane.

But I was watching it just in time to see the nurses putting the dancing children to bed.

British Literature Extravaganza

I saw JK Rowlings read from Peter Pan an escapist description of Neverland. In front of four billion people.

And then some of English's most iconic villains came out, including Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan's Captain Hook, the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Rowling's own Voldemort.

All of them were vanquished by the crowd of Mary Poppins nannies. Basically, a battle between good and evil done in a few minutes.


Still, there's something inspirational about seeing the entire sequence.

As much as many people hated the commentators NBC added on, they brought up a good point. Lots of literature's most iconic villains came from English. And it's great that the UK decided to honor books in one of the largest events in the whole world.
Imagine if, in the future, your own country decided to honor one of your own characters during their Olympic games?

My own dream is to build a community of readers and then have my work, as a whole, find a place on more than one bookshelf for generations, or even centuries, to come. If I'm lucky, people will remember me as history, like Shakespeare, or even the Greek geniuses of old.

I bet JK Rowlings was more than flattered for her own country to put her in their annuls, and show off her creation to the international community. It wasn't like she doesn't already have a chance of having Harry Potter become a classic, but it's another acknowledgement of her contribution to the world.

It's yet another pipe dream to aim for, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's not like there's anything to use, except eternal obscurity.

YOUR TURN: Are you watching the Olympics? What did you think of the Opening Ceremony?

PS: Do you want to know who was missing? The Doctor!

PSS: Do you want to know what was also missing? Florence + the Machine!