yMusic: "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" by Pink

Pink has jumped onto the radio waves with her upcoming album's lead single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)". I'm yet to see the lyrics video, and I didn't recognize the song when my local Top 40 station played it (although the strange censoring did stand out).

The music video does the song justice.

WARNING: Strong language and some sexual references.

Some Quick Words on the Song

First of all, it has a clever title. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" sets up a suggestive tone with the first two words--and subverts it with the rest of the line. Sneaky, sneaky. We all know what "wink-wink" action it's alluding to.

As for the actual song, I'm still trying to form a proper opinion. The verses are a bit rough, but the layering and sound editing of the rest of the song are additive.

Lyrically-wise, Pink is breaking up again, and she's not regretting it. She's being more cruder than she was in "So What"--but the chorus are a bit hard to figure out the meaning of.

Try a hand at this:

Just when it couldn't get any worse, I had a s*** day,
You had a s*** day,
We had a s*** day.
I think life is too short for this,
I want back my ignorance and bliss,
I think I have enough of this, so blow me one last kiss.

The most obvious interpretation is that the final straw has led her to break each other up, so she's not going to waste any time trying to clean up.

But another meaning that's probably wrong is that she's regretting the break-up. She found that she couldn't stay around without him. So she wants back her "ignorance and bliss" and have enough of being single, so...they have make-up sex.


Let a teenage boy theorize.

Summary of Music Video

Pink plays an anti-hero who gets tangled in a love web.

She ditches the guy who stopped their kiss to answer a call. Maybe it's from another girlfriend? Makes sense.

She then goes to a second guy, who she lets him paint her Titanic-style.

Then at a party, she cheats on him and casually dances with another girl. Not a big deal is made of this, telling from their cold expressions. Combined with the Lana Del Rey's video for "Summertime Sadness", this suggests a more natural attitude to homosexuality. That's the step in the right direction, since it's neither stereotyping it or making a huge deal out of it. It's a part of life.

The second guy comes and proposes--to the other girl. You can't miss Pink's look of betrayal.

And while Pink is at the wedding scene, dressed like a widow, she pins down the scorn through her subtle shoulder swaying. At this point, my story senses said that she was going to have her revenge.

I was right. I laughed when a heart bursts above everyone and stain all their clothes red.

Interesting enough, it makes sort of a books end. Only two objects are colored in the entire video: the spilled wine, and the "blood" from the heart. It's a cool bit of symbolism.

In the end, Pink goes off with a third man, flying off to new adventures. She might not be the most sympathetic character, but that's a part of her rebellious streak.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of this music video?