yMusic: Cover of Starships by Megan Nicole and Lindsey Stirling

yMusic is back with Nicki Minaj! Or rather, a cover of her song:


If I had only one word to describe it, it would be fun. No, not "FUN." as in the band. "fun" as in the adjective.

I would say that Megan Nicole and Lindsey Stirling make a great team for this song. Although Megan's vocals first remind me of a pip-squeakier Madonna (it's that distance), it works out as this is a hip-pop song. Her best moment is the delicate singing during the bridge.

Lindsey's electric violin playing, especially during the post-chorus, is a fantastic display of her skill. Plus, it makes more sense than the jarble it replaces.

(Oh, and the first post-chorus instrumental is especially...dramatic. The melody being rendered in minor? Wow...)

The music video is also well done, considering the production value.  Two alien girls searching for a reception so they can Phone Home? It matches the title.

The settings have been picked out quite well. An open field, a mall...what's fun are the little incidents throughout the music video. It's amusing seeing them as extraterrestrial fishes out of water. Including, seeing them playing with stuff in the car this hitchhiked, seeing them set off a security alarm...

...and the golden moment? Seeing them both sample Asian food. Lindsey shrunches her face in disgust, while Megan nods in a "not bad" look.

If only I can find a way to screencapture that moment.

There's one minor nitpick I would like to make though: Would they get a better signal on the cliff above the city than on that parking garage? This didn't bother me during the first viewing though, and it can easily be dismissed with those pesky trees.
By the way, thumbs up to cinematographer Devin Graham and special effects group Warialasky.

I know that because many major YouTubers make it a priority to credit their

YOUR TURN: What do you think of this cover compared with the original?
Fun fact: Both Megan and Lindsey's channels uploaded the exact same video. Funny enough, both have a similar number of views, although Lindsey is ahead by a few thousand.