Writer's Update: Get Thee To the...Playwright

Darn, it's late at night, so I can't use my kitchen timer.

Oh well. Twenty-five minutes is plenty of time to do a last-minute blog post that I should have started yesterday, and instead I put it off to the last minute on the day I decide that I should start winding down an hour earlier so I can spend more time sleeping so I no longer am sleepy during the mornings and let one of my siblings snatch the computer from my room when it's 6:30.

On Monday, one of the less energetic of them knocked on my door at 4:30 in the morning. I told him that it was too early.

He returned a hour later. I gave it to him.

Yeah. It's time to do some sleep management.


Yep! This writer now has a Tumblr! Right now, I don't have any particular plans for it, except it will have a writing/reading/music slant--just like this blog. Oh, and it will be re-blog crazy.

Am I juggling too many social media stuff? Maybe.

But at least I have a theme to fall through once the title of this blog becomes irrelevant.


And now for the meat of the post, which I have only fifteen minutes left to type because I spent at least five or those minutes on Tumblr. Darn distracted me.

Although progress on Manifestation Files is still slow (more on that later), I have produced an influx of writing ideas and such due to two reasons.

  1. The writing group that I mentioned last Writer's Update. The last session was today, sadly.
  2. A playwriting class that I'm in this week.

I need to thank Mom for this pleasant surprise--and for her being a teacher at an art institution and therefore get a huge discount toward the class.

It's an interesting set-up. We're an even smaller group put into the black box room with lots and lots of chairs. The teacher gives us yellow notepads to write on, and also lets us use our laptops (although I still have to negotiate with one of my other siblings on this issue).

With this, I have spit-out a few one-act mini-plays. Even if none of them are fit for novel writing, it's great having that extra boost stacked with the first writer's group boost, which I bought away several poem forms and a couple of real novel ideas from. 

One idea is basically about a boy using a girl as a real-life avatar. Another idea, which I produced today, starts with a lonely middle-aged woman that can see ghosts, a seemly young man, and a string of murders haunting the town below...

One YA. One Adult.

Too bad both weren't enough to stop a minor breakdown I had over no practicing piano all week.

I'm still working on piano.

Isn't being a writer emotional?

Manifestation Files

Oh, and guess how much work I have gotten with Manifestation Files this week?

Three pages of long-hand! :D


What? I snuck them in during the playwriting camp.

I swear I'll type them day!

YOUR TURN: Do you have any experience with playwriting?

Phew! Four minutes left!