Writer's Update: Back From Hiatus


Hello, followers/little monsters/minions! After a dry two weeks, I have came roaring back in with a writing craft post on embarrassment and a quick mini-review of the webseries Echo Chamber as a bonus. Which got some attention by the creators. Which is what I aimed for.

In any case, I hope you guys didn't miss this blog too much. Or rather, I hope you guys did miss this blog. I doubt that, but it's a possibility.

In any case, I hit two milestones: 50 followers for Thoughts of a Young Aspiring Writer, and 400 followers on Twitter. Both are modest, but both are decent numbers for someone who doesn't even own a credit card.


One reason why I took the hiatus in the first place because writing production went stagnant. In 2011 I was pumping the words out at about 2000 per writing day. With the revision stage, I hit a brick wall. Since I had no idea how to revise at a nice pace. I was also worrying about my blog's buffer.

I also quit 750 Words, since it does squat for revision and I thought it was causing me to hold off writing more. That's probably not true, but I still quit it for a while. Goodbye, 100 day streak. At least I got that daily commitment out of the way.

But it probably bit me in the butt in the end. I suffered some emotional whiplash, mostly of the listless kind.

Guess what saved me?

Writing Group

It's something Mom signed me up for. And I don't regret it.

Already in the last two weeks, I have been in five sessions. In those five sessions, I did a bunch of flash fiction, some poetry, a satire essay about the United Queendom of America, and a little work on Manifestation Files.

Yes, a little work.

But it's more work than it had been. And I'm building up slowly and slowly.

Basically, the set-up of the writing group is this. Two siblings, a poet and an upcoming author, has been hosting it for many, many years in their house. We're a group of fellow high schoolers, writing in a general atmosphere of positivity. We write to prompts (although we're allowed to ignore them), we read what we wrote, and the group offers positive yet constructive criticism.

To be honest, I'm slightly jealous of some of the writing. Mostly about content. 

One thing for sure though, is that I write fast. One of the teachers says to shut down your editorial voice and just write, and that's what I do. So there's that awkward situation where we're writing sestinas and and I asked whether I should read the one that followed the prompt of choosing words from science textbooks or the one--:

"You wrote two?"

In my eyes, it could have been better (I screwed myself over by choosing one of the words that I repeat with "hot"), but every piece, poem or prose, can be better.

If only if I can channel that energy into my revising. But I'm sure I can do that.

Because I am a writer, and I will become an author.

More on the writing group next week.

YOUR TURN: How have writer's groups help you?