Echo Chamber: An Awesome Webseries

Besides my blogroll, and the small amount of webcomics I causally watch for, there had been one webseries I have been watching since last week: Echo Chamber.

About Echo Chamber

To steal the description from its TV Tropes wiki page:

Echo Chamber: The Adventures of a TV Tropes Vlogger is a TV Tropes video show. The show is about the travails of a group of tropers trying to make a "Trope of the Week" video series. Which they do. Sort of. In spite of their best efforts.

To further elaborate on that summary, it's a very meta webseries involving the Jerkass creator of the vlog (Tom), the Deadpan Snarker producer (Dana), and the Cloudcuckoolander cameraman (Zack). Together, they attempt to appease their Mysterious Employer by making a vlog for TV Tropes.

So there's a fictional and real-life Echo Chamber. And to put the cherry on the top, the characters share their actor's names? Does your brain hurt yet?

Why Should I Watch This

First of all, it's funny in many different ways. Zack is an utter weirdo, and during the first season, it's fun seeing how they self-demonstrate the very trope (story device) that they're setting out to film an episode about.

Its main virtue is of a comedy, but the humor is quite meta. It's very interesting to watch as a writer or an aspiring film maker.

However, Season Two has a positive bump in quality. While Season One is mostly about intentionally sucking at parts, Season Two, even with only three shows so far, shows that its delving into even more unconventional devices. Even more Show Within a Show drama, two Shaky Cams instead of one, and the question about whatever Echo Chamber will be undone by their Wikipedian competition, [citation needed].

Oh, and don't miss The Stingers at the end of each episode.

Am I confusing my non-TV Tropes readers?

Even if you don't know about TV Tropes, you should at least take a peek at the first episode of Season One. It's right below this paragraph.

YOUR TURN: So, what are your thoughts?

PS. This was made while using my handy, dandy new kitchen timer. I had plenty of time left though.