Crazy Cozy Blogfest

Note to regular followers: This blogfest was scheduled before the hiatus, so don't get your hopes up. ;)

  1.  Sleuth: 20 years old. He can press the right buttons in people to receive the information he wants, yet his obsession with duck tape leads him to run an online business that refuses to take off.
  2. Sidekick: 20 year old girl who possesses a daring streak. She says the wrong things, but is out of it enough to notice the littlest things. She's more inclined toward packing tape. It's music to her ears.
  3. Setting: A small town by the Mississippi River, surrounded with hills, and overlooked by an university that the main duo don't have the money to go too. There' s a festival every week for just about everything: Bonsai, karaoke, tape etc.
  4. Theme: The excessive murders involves the festival. For example, leaves laced with poison, an electrocuting machine, an improvised noose used to frame the sleuth, etc.
  5. Twist: Oh, and for some reason, nobody can catch the pesky Chihuahua roaming about.

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