yMusic: Nicki Minaj's Right By My Side

Sorry, but as long as Nicki doesn't stop releasing music videos for her latest albums, these reviews ain't gonna stop.

Nicki Minaj's "Right By My Side":

While "Beez In the Trap" was underwhelming and "Starships" was a little too much out there, I think "Right By My Side" hits a uncertain yet appealing amount of bathos.

ba•thosa. An abrupt...transition in style from the exalted to the commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect.
Basically, the music video straddles the line between being "sweet" and "weird". In the end though, "sweet" provides the base, and "weird" provides the icing without globing up the entire cake. Who else but Nicki (or Lady Gaga) can get away with pulling an utterly ridiculous expression right before a standard shot of the full moon?

But on the video itself, it matches the general tone.

The "b-scene" footage of Nicki in a black dress during the first verse actually produced flickers of emotions, due to the passion she put into her lip-syncing. Although buffering kind of defused that, the romance produced a couple of smile-worthy touches.

To admit though, I got Chris Brown and Nas mixed up the first time, since the former barely appears. Also, I expected something bad to happen, (like with Rihanna's "We Found Love"), but this is pretty much straight-forward. More of a fluffy piece of life than a story.

In any case though, "Right By My Side" works visually. It might not have as much of a spotlight as the "Starships" music video, but by itself, fans would certainly love the middle ground established.