yMusic: Karmin's "I Told You So" and Maroon 5's "Payphone"

From now on, yMusic is on Sunday. Is that okay with you guys? If not, please comment and I'll consider putting in some more effort Friday.

Funny enough, it could have been Saturday...except I scheduled the blog hop then. And it was my birthday.

Never mind that. First of all, let's start with...

Karmin's "I Told You So":

I first found the music video  for this on When I typed the rough draft of this post, it was yet to be released for the "general public" on YouTube. Sure, there's the lyrics video, but that doesn't count.

Karmin is another rising duo. They're in the genre of hip-pop, although they're more "pop" than "hip". I checked out some of their rap covers online, which are for the most part, great. No wonder they were picked up by a label. And since I heard their lead single for their EP on the radio, "Brokenhearted", they're going to be around for a while.

Now, "I Told You So" is, for the most part, rap. The lead singer has an unique rap voice. Some people complained that it's "talking with an accent", as the inflection seems to recall Lil' Wayne or someone similar than him. Regardless, the lyrics are actually interesting. "I play the war drums, I play the drums." Ignoring that "I was right, you was wrong" is grammly incorrect, it makes for a line that sticks.

Also, the chrous is the reptititious kind of earworm. "I told you so, don't want to brag but I want you to know."

On the music video itself, it's...confusing. I'm not exactly sure what's going on at the end, but it basically shows the lead singer as a patient at some sort of ward being interrogated about...someone. Either her or someone else. Or it is something? As usual, it's inseperated with other shots, including the lead singer draped in front of a lightning background as she spits out the bridge at...lightning speed.

But tell me how you would see the ending. I see a twist ending going on, but I'm not exactly sure what's the deal going on during the music video.

Maroon 5's "Payphone":

This is another music video I found on, although it went up on YouTube Friday.

For the sake of conciseness, I'll be giving you a list of thoughts:

Chihuahua Zero's thoughts while watching music video:

  • Whoa! Criminals bursting in?
  • Guess it's a medias in res video.
  • Oh, they're going to make a run for it together.
  • The love interest's going to die. I know it.
  • Ah, so this is the clean version. At least the substitutions are natural. "All those fairy tales are full of it." Gold.
  • Wait! Why are all of those police cars chasing after him?
  • I guess they mistake him as some sort of killer. Must be overkill though, considering they're in the middle of nowhere.
  • They preserved the original lip-syncing.
  • They're using the warped word version of censoring for the featured rapper.
  • But what does he got to do with anything with the music video?
  • Full-on action movie.
  • But what happened to the love interest?
  • Wait, was he wearing those glasses at the beginning? Or rather, during the "present" or whatever? I must be misremembering.

Okay, now watch the music video and see if those thoughts match up. Or at least, you can spot the spots where they came up.

In general, it's a good story-based video. There isn't much consistency throughout it, like how the girl disappeared half-way through when the lead singer goes on a full-on car chase, and there could have been a little more of a plot.

The Hollywood Reporter summarizes my thoughts in a better way:

"Although it's fun to see such a big-budget clip from the band, the story line doesn't make complete sense. Since Levine's character didn't rob the bank, why does he keep running from the cops? And why does he leave the pretty lady behind?"

From a story-telling perspective, it has glaring flaws that some other bloggers might point out, if they review this. Yet again, music videos aren't aiming for that sort of stuff. They're mostly in it for the entertainment and the advertisement (of the music).

YOUR TURN: What are your thoughts on these two music videos and the music itself?

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