Writer's Update: 5/8/12

Social Media:

I have been obsessing over this a bit.

First of all, I set up a Facebook account, since these Rafflecopter contests have the "Like" button as one of the way to earn new entries. I probably scarred my wall by trying out one of the mega giveaways, but I'll probably avoid those, for the sake of my sanity.

Besides, I already started playing Bejewered Blitz and The Sims Social. No need to get myself more addictive over the game.

Also, I joined Klout, which is a social media indicator. According to it, once I connect most of my major social media profiles, my score is about 38 out of 100. Which isn't too shabby, but I'm aiming for a little more. I'll leave myself a note to not get myself addictive over this and only check it once or twice a day.

Lastly, I also joined StumbleUpon, since a blog post pointed me that direction. Once I put in some of my pages into the system, I'll probably not stick with this. You know something's wrong when you look into the topic of "Writing" and it suggests you a newspaper article based on football. Seriously, I had to block that newspaper. I didn't see anything worth reading there.

Manifestation Files:

Honestly, I'm not sure what progress I made on Manifestation Files. I mostly just did some organizing for the alpha/beta readers, but besides that, I have been slacking off in this project.

Perhaps getting it into the revision stage is harder than I thought. This night, I'll probably try working on working on it actually for once this week, so I can fall into the habit of revising.

One problem is that I'm unfamilar with the revision process as a whole.

Yet again, I can think of this period of inactivity as a brief rest time between drafts, so I have a fresher mind when I approach the work. It also helps that I shifted document editors (from Microsoft Word to Google Documents), which I heard can help with perceiving a story in a different way.


I'm also procrastionating on the music video here. I'm going to work on it Thursday, and perhaps Wednesday if I push all three actors toward working. It's important that I get this done soon, as it due two weeks from now, when school ends.

As we all know, deadlines are closer than they appear. :p

In non-creative news, we're making boats out of cardboard. We're going to be riding them through the pool and hoping that they don't sink. But in the end, it's a science/math matter, along with an excuse to shut down all core classes for two days.

It will also affect music video filming, since all three of my actors will probably want to work with their partners, but there's always next week, right?

In general, I need to push a little more to get this project done before the people that have even less done at the moment. Because as the deadline zooms toward us at high-speed, production is going into hyper drive.


I can't give much details, as it can potentially give away my location, but I went to a book trivia competition yesterday. I'll reveal details next week.