Writer's Update: 5/2/12


Last week I finally filmed with all three actors. I took them all to the library to film the "main scene" for the first verse. Due to it being the first time, and a little miscommunication in terms of what I wanted them to be doing, we got some prime blopper footage.

On the other hand, I wished I got a little more of it, but considering the amount of video I have between the two "scenes", I might just be underestimating. From the little amount of editing I did yesterday, I'm going to easily fill up the gaps.

I just need to start filming 3/4ths of the rest of the entire thing, and then I'll be set.

Manifestation Files

Today, I'm going to just jump straight to the revision stage and combine elements of this draft and the last two in order to piece together the story into a more unified whole.

To be honest, I'm getting tired of typing the same old thing. By now, I have the basic structure down, and all I need to do is to focus on the scenes themselves. Rewriting them again and again won't really help me. 

I'll mostly be doing revisions in Google Docs, under my beta readers' nose. More on that later, but I hope that they'll provide even better advice this time around.


As I said last Friday, I had a guest post over at Mystery Writing is Murder about said bookisms.

To be honest, I wished I had a slightly better draw from the guest post (traffic was pretty much normal during the twenty-four hours after it went up), but the fact that it was on Friday might have influenced stuff. 

Oh, well. At least it's neat to get my name onto a big-name blog. At this stage, it's important to establish my name in the writing and reading blogosphere, and guest posting is a great way to get other people to remember me. "It takes seven times for someone to see a product before buying it" and all that.

And speaking of guest posts...

I arranged this earlier than Mystery Writing is Murder, but I'm going to have another article over at The Write Practice. It's going to be posted tomorrow, on Thursday.

I hope you guys go check it out!