Guest Post at The Write Practice!

To My Regular Followers:

Remember how I mention I would have another guest post yesterday? Well, it went up two hours ago.

Please jump over toward The Write Practice to read my post "5 Tips to Trap Your Characters" (the headline was Joe Bunting's idea. The proposed one is quite clunky). Funny enough, I proposed this before my other guest post over at Mystery Writing is Murder, but the process went a little slower with this.

Hopefully, you'll like it. Don't forget to drop a comment on your thoughts.

To Incoming Readers:

Coming from The Write Practice? Please sit down, flip through the archive, and hang out. I'm considering posting a related post next week. Depending on how the dice fall, it might either be a writing excerpt, or another writing craft post.

Don't forget to check back Friday for the Weekly Round-up. I'll like you to stay.